Hello, dears,

a lot has happened since April. Meanwhile, we have autumn, the sunny days have given way to rain. Time for walks in the colorful autumn leaves and of course for cozy reading. Marc and I must, first of all, apologize for not having heard from us for so long. Why is that so?

I have been working on the third volume of the Sorority series for a long time. The German edition is on the market since today and is called “Testphase“. (The English edition is currently in preparation and will be called “Adrenalized”.) In it, Louisa, one of the pledges (new members) of Gamma Xi Delta, goes through a hot test phase in which the exec’ board tries to lure her out of her reserve with a fitness tracker. Did you know that you can even record orgasms with such a device? Once again, the story is about “hazing”, for which the sororities in America have been quite discredited. Where does harassment actually begin? And how do the individual participants perceive it? Louisa, for one, has no desire to be beaten.

In terms of text length, I am moving closer and closer to the short novel. With 19,000 words, or 81 manuscript standard pages, “Testphase” is the longest volume in the series to date. But like the other two volumes, the story is self-contained and easy to understand without previous knowledge.

I also worked a lot on the Gamma Xi Delta blog on Tumblr. I have established contact with countless American sorority chapters and post daily photos, small encouraging quotes, sorority news and everything else I discover while researching the respective volume in progress and which somehow fits Gamma Xi Delta. Of course, the main focus here is also on hazing, empowerment and body confidence. I find it exciting to see how the American sisters present themselves in these photos.

Marc sends his greetings to you at this point. He hasn’t given up his plan of an own New Adult series “Erotic Actress Talent Search” yet, even though more than a year has passed since the first volume “Isabell’s Casting“. However, he is not sure in which direction he should push the series. So there are several half-finished manuscripts in his desk drawer, which are still missing the common cast. Some of them are going strongly in the direction of New Adult, others are mainly serving the ENF market. And since he is also very much involved in his professional life, his series is still a little drifting. Maybe a little feedback from you regarding the first volume and your expectations for the following volumes would do him good.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything important. We would still be happy about reviews on Amazon. It is actually a pity that there is so little response. If you don’t want to come out as a reader of New Adult, you always have the possibility to give an anonymous review.

Whatever. Enjoy life and reading,

your Sandra

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