The Oceanic Feeling of Orgasm: Neuroscientific Findings

Most of us are familiar with the exhilarating feeling of orgasm – the pleasure, arousal and relaxation. However, some compare orgasm to more meditative, transcendent experiences, the feeling of “melting away” any limitations. This “oceanic” feeling of self-dissolution is a fascinating phenomenon that has recently been studied in more detail by neuroscientists.

The dissolution of the ego

According to the latest findings in neuroscience, our brain shows a unique activity during orgasm that dissolves the boundaries of our ego, so to speak. This feeling of self-dissolution is the result of the release of opioids in the brain. Opioids are chemical compounds that occur naturally in the brain and can relieve pain, reduce stress and induce feelings of ecstasy, transcendence and bliss.

The role of opioids

The release of opioids during our orgasm is not a new discovery. What is new, however, is the discovery that these chemical compounds shut down certain areas of the brain related to self-awareness, inhibition and self-control. A 2006 study by Jannik Georgiadis and his team used magnetic resonance imaging to observe this activity in the brain during our orgasm. The results showed that these areas of the brain shut down briefly during orgasm, which could contribute to the feeling of self-dissolution.

The oceanic feeling

The feeling of orgasm is a feeling of boundlessness and of being one with the universe. It is a feeling that is often described as spiritual or transcendent. During this state, we can feel that our self-awareness is dissolved and we become one with everything around us. This feeling can be very intense and fulfilling and can even lead us to feel a deeper connection to ourselves and others.

Recent findings in neuroscience have helped us to better understand the feeling of our orgasm. By observing the activity of the brain during orgasm, we can see how the release of opioids shuts down certain areas of the brain and contributes to that unique feeling of self-dissolution. These findings can help us better understand and appreciate our sexual experience. Although more research is needed to fully understand this phenomenon, it is clear that our orgasm is more than just a physical experience. It is a complex interplay of body, mind and spirit that can lead to a profound and fulfilling experience.

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