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Geboren 1981 in Krefeld. Studierte Mediendesign an der hdpk Berlin. Der Liebe wegen ging sie nach Hamburg, wo sie heute als Webdesgnerin in einer bekannten Werbeagentur arbeitet. Sie lebt mit ihrem Mann Marc und den Katzen Mandu und Tharsis in einem Haus im Westen der Stadt.

Sorority winter photos

As an optimal medium of self-dramatization, Instagram is unbeatable. No Sorority that is proud of its members can do without its own account. And usually, the individual members maintain their own personal Instagram appearance. The young women, or so it seems at least, have understood very well that there is a direct connection between the … Continue reading Sorority winter photos

New Body-con picture quotes

Body confidence is likely to remain an issue for the foreseeable future. Hardly anyone is really happy with their appearance. Some things can be controlled by visiting the gym regularly, others are simply innate. But as long as others judge us by our looks, we all too easily succumb to the temptation of disdain for … Continue reading New Body-con picture quotes

Body-con picture quotes

Picture quotations or memes are short statements, paired with matching pictures. They can be easily shared and distributed. Because their origin is usually no longer traceable after just a few copying processes in the social media, many of them bear a kind of watermark or source reference. On this page you will find a series … Continue reading Body-con picture quotes

Sandra Manther: Trust Walk

The second volume of the Gamma-Xi-Delta series is now also available in English: While in the German edition it was called “Blind Walk“, I have chosen the somewhat more precise term “Trust Walk” for the English version. Because I found out that for this kind of group dynamic exercise in America the term “Trust Walk” … Continue reading Sandra Manther: Trust Walk