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We analyse texts from the fields of fiction and non-fiction and think about how high-quality eroticism can look today. We have no patent remedies, but put our thoughts and convictions on erotic literature on paper.
We regard the texts presented here as “work in progress”, which are constantly being expanded and updated as soon as we find new, exciting examples or topics. Ideally, over time this will create a pool of ideas for erotic literature for all those who write themselves.


One word that rarely comes up these days is “reluctance.” I stumbled across it by accident the other day and thought it would fit the “ENF” genre quite nicely. Things happen “reluctantly“, that is, against the protagonist’s will. She has to deal with that emotionally. Synonyms In Stefan Zweig’s novella “Die Mondscheingasse,” there is another … Continue reading Reluctance


We talked elsewhere about the fact that Sandra and I have a few subgenres or niches that we particularly like to serve. These include ENF: Embarrassed Nude Female. “Nude Female” – “Naked Woman” goes without saying. Embarrassed includes the whole range of “being ashamed, humiliated, mortified, abashed, disgraced” – that state of mind that is … Continue reading ENF – EMBARRASSED NUDE FEMALE

New Body-con picture quotes

Body confidence is likely to remain an issue for the foreseeable future. Hardly anyone is really happy with their appearance. Some things can be controlled by visiting the gym regularly, others are simply innate. But as long as others judge us by our looks, we all too easily succumb to the temptation of disdain for … Continue reading New Body-con picture quotes