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How do you become a “Fraternity Sweetheart”?

Have you ever heard of the term “Fraternity Sweetheart”? No? Then let me take you a little deeper into the world of Greek fraternities and their traditions! Today I want to give you some insight into the election process and give you tips on how to become a coveted Fraternity Sweetheart. Look forward to an … Continue reading How do you become a “Fraternity Sweetheart”?

From Lavaliering to Pin Presentation

In Greek fraternities (often referred to as “Greek Life”) in the USA, there is a tradition called “lavaliering”. This tradition originates in the French term “lavallière,” which originally referred to a specific type of neck jewelry (a type of pendant). In the context of Greek fraternities, however, “lavaliering” means something different and is a symbolic … Continue reading From Lavaliering to Pin Presentation

Sorority Slumber Parties

Sorority slumber parties play an important role in community life and fostering cohesion among sorority sisters. These parties provide a safe, trusting environment for members to deepen their bonds. Trust games are widely used at sorority slumber parties. These serve to strengthen mutual trust and create a sense of connection. Typical trust games include: These … Continue reading Sorority Slumber Parties

The Unbroken Appeal of Toga Parties

Toga parties have long been synonymous with a sense of freedom, uninhibited revelry, and a touch of sensuality. These gatherings, where attendees don flowing white robes reminiscent of ancient Greece and Rome, have a rich history that dates back centuries. From their origins in the ancient world to their modern-day presence in pop culture, toga … Continue reading The Unbroken Appeal of Toga Parties

Hazing in unrecognized sororities

In the world of Greek life, sororities are often portrayed as sisterhoods built on support, friendship and self-determination. But behind the veil of sisterhood hides a darker reality for some: hazing. While recognized sororities adhere to strict guidelines and regulations, there is a subset of organizations that operate outside of the recognized Greek system and … Continue reading Hazing in unrecognized sororities

The challenges of winter recruitment: Your body in the cold

Joining a sorority is an exciting time for many female students because it offers the opportunity to join a sisterhood of like-minded women while staying true to your own values and interests. However, for many young women, the recruitment process can be accompanied by uncomfortable challenges. Although hazing is now banned in most universities, it … Continue reading The challenges of winter recruitment: Your body in the cold