Sorority Slumber Parties

Sorority slumber parties play an important role in community life and fostering cohesion among sorority sisters. These parties provide a safe, trusting environment for members to deepen their bonds.

Trust games are widely used at sorority slumber parties. These serve to strengthen mutual trust and create a sense of connection. Typical trust games include:

  • The dropping game, where one sister is caught by the other (like at the beginning of “Trust Walk”)
  • Partner games in which you have to rely on each other blindly (as in the later course of “Trust Walk”)
  • Group exercises in which the sisters have to take responsibility for each other (as in “The Hot Seat”)

These games not only promote trust, but also communication, cooperation and emotional cohesion within the sorority. They help members feel safe and supported.

Overall, slumber parties and trust games are important parts of sorority life as they strengthen cohesion, friendship and team spirit among the sisters.

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