Barefoot through Hamburg-Harvestehude

Imagine taking a walk through Harvestehude. Your eyes are blindfolded. One of your sisters is guiding you. Under your bare feet you feel the cobblestones of the street and the grass of the parks, the sandy paths and the fallen leaves of the trees. Occasionally you will come across a puddle that bears witness to the rain of the past days.

You’re wearing a robe, a kind of Harry Potter cape. Did I forget to mention it? Fortunately, it’s getting dark early. Because under this coat you are stark naked. A dare? Yes, something like that. “Empowerment”, Danielle calls it.

Feel like joining Nathalie on her unusual walk along the Alster?

Trust Walk” is volume 2 of the Sorority series by Sandra Manther (English edition in preparation).

Cover: Blind Walk von Sandra Manther

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