Want vs. Need

Are you writing erotic novels and want to give your characters more depth and texture? Creating believable characters takes a lot of skill, but there’s an interesting and effective way to make them sympathetic – by highlighting the contrast between their “wants” and their needs. Every protagonist has a heartbreaking desire that haunts them throughout the story, and acknowledging that desire is crucial to helping readers connect with them on a deeper level. But it’s even more important for writers to recognize that behind every desire is a need, a void that wants to be filled. Let’s explore how you can enhance your stories by paying attention to this dynamic!

In the context of creative writing, desire and need refer to two different aspects of the protagonist’s motivation and goals.

Desire refers to what the protagonist superficially or consciously wants to achieve. It is often related to the external desires, goals, or wants that drive the plot. In the case of an erotic story, the protagonist’s want might be to enter into a romantic relationship, to have sexual experiences, or to seduce a particular person.

But the protagonist’s real need is deeper and often more unconscious. It refers to what the protagonist needs emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually to experience an inner change or healing. The protagonist’s need in an erotic story might be to accept themselves, overcome inner conflict, build trust, or experience true intimacy.

The character arc is a tool for tracking the protagonist’s development throughout the story. In erotic stories, the character arc can be used to show the protagonist’s change in both external desires and internal needs.

For example, the character arc might begin with the protagonist having superficial goals and desires, such as having sexual adventures. As the story progresses, however, various events or encounters might lead the protagonist to discover his true emotional needs and begin to strive toward them.

Perhaps the protagonist realizes that true intimacy and emotional connection are more important than mere sexual conquests. Or he realizes that he must accept himself before he can enter into a healthy relationship. The character arc would then show the protagonist’s transformation from superficial desires to deeper, more fulfilling needs.

Overall, the character arc is about guiding the protagonist of a story through development or change that takes into account both his external desires and his internal needs. By fulfilling the need, the protagonist can experience a personal transformation and live a more fulfilling life.

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