The choker – origin and history of the velvet necklace

The choker, a necklace wrapped tightly around the neck, has become a popular fashion accessory in recent years. However, few people seem to know the meaning behind the black choker. The history and origins of the choker are fascinating and varied, with influences from different cultures and eras. In this blog post, we will look at the history of the choker and explore its origins and meanings throughout history.

Chokers in the Rococo

The use of chokers dates back to the 18th century. During the rococo period, women wore high collars with low-cut dresses that showed off a “high neckline” and neck jewelry. Maria Josepha of Saxony (1731-1767) and Madame de Pompadour (1721-1764) are well-known examples of famous ladies who often wore chokers and were depicted wearing them in many of their paintings. The choker was a symbol of elegance and sophistication for the aristocracy of the time.

Red chokers of the French Revolution

Throughout history, the choker has also been associated with various political events. During the French Revolution, women wore red velvet necklaces to honor the martyrs of the revolution. These necklaces symbolized the blood of the victims and were worn as a sign of mourning. The choker became a symbol of resistance and rebellion, and many women wore it as a sign of resistance to oppression.

Iodine deficiency and chokers

In Bavarian and Austrian folk culture, the choker has been an important accessory for many years. It originated in the Salzburg region, where the majority of the population suffered from an enlarged thyroid due to iodine deficiency. At that time, women wore chokers to hide their goiters, surgical scars or swollen necks. Later, the choker became a fashionable accessory worn by women at festive occasions and cultural events.

The leather choker in BDSM

Today, the choker has taken on a new meaning, especially in the BDSM scene. As an object of sexual fetishism, it is a sign of submission and serves to demonstrate interest in sexual role-playing. Those who wear restraints as part of their bondage and discipline practices may do so for their pleasure, and the BDSM community generally accepts them as a means of expressing their desires.

But can they be used in erotic stories outside of the BDSM scene? The answer is yes. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to incorporate chokers into erotic stories without making the story too sensual and intimate.

Set the mood

When incorporating chokers into erotic stories, it’s important to create a certain atmosphere that sets the mood. Start with a character wearing a choker and describe how it feels on her skin. Talk about the texture, the material, and any other sensory details that can help create a mood. In this way, the necklace becomes a sensory element that enhances the overall experience.

Use it for confusion

Even if you don’t want to write explicitly about the SM scene, the connection to the scene can lead to some nice erotic confusion. For example, you could describe a young woman who wears a choker without knowing what it’s for, and therefore meets a man who thinks she’s a sub. This would have the dual effect of playfully involving outsiders in the story of this accessory and creating tension through the contrast of knowing/not knowing. We have written elsewhere about the dramatic value of mistakes.

Exploring sensuality

Chokers can be used to explore sensuality in your erotic writing. They can be used as a sensual accessory that characters wear as they explore desire, intimacy, and sexuality with each other. By describing how the choker feels and the feelings it evokes, you can help the reader feel closer to the characters and the story.

Add a touch of elegance

Chokers can also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your erotic stories. By using luxurious chokers made of pearls, diamonds, or other expensive materials, you can increase the sophistication of your writing. The velvet ribbon can become a symbol of beauty and opulence, adding to the seductive atmosphere of the story.

Finally, you can use chokers to add a personal touch to your story. You can have a character wear a velvet choker with a specific meaning, such as a symbol of a secret society or a family heirloom. The choker can become a character in its own right, running like a thread through the story.

Chokers can also be used in erotic stories outside of the BDSM scene. You can use them to create atmosphere, explore sensuality, and add a touch of elegance or individuality to the story by making them a sensual accessory in your writing. Always remember that the key to using chokers in a non-BDSM setting is to create an intimate and seductive atmosphere rather than a dominant and submissive dynamic.

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