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The “Naked in Public” Genre

“Naked in Public” is a subgenre of erotic literature that focuses on stories or scenarios in which one or more people appear or expose themselves naked in public. It is a type of literature often characterized by taboos, prohibitions, and the allure of the forbidden. In “Naked in Public” stories, the protagonists may be driven … Continue reading The “Naked in Public” Genre

NAKED IN PUBLIC 3: Free the Nipple Campaign

Similar to the FEMEN activists, the members of the “Free the Nipple” campaign often use their naked torsos as banners. Yet their goals are not nearly as diverse. Nor have they chosen the entire patriarchy as their adversary, but are working on one question: “Why are men allowed to show their naked torsos in public … Continue reading NAKED IN PUBLIC 3: Free the Nipple Campaign

Naked in Public 2: Nakedness as a form of protest (FEMEN)

On March 11, 2013, Tunisian Amina Sbou├» published a bare-chested self-portrait on her Facebook page. “My body belongs to me and is not the source of anyone’s honor,” she had written on her naked torso. In doing so, she sparked a furious controversy in Islamic-led Tunisia. She received death threats. A Salafist preacher publicly called … Continue reading Naked in Public 2: Nakedness as a form of protest (FEMEN)

Sandra Manther: Trust Walk

While in the German edition The second volume of the Gamma-Xi-Delta series was called “Blind Walk“, I have chosen the somewhat more precise term “Trust Walk” for the English version. Because I found out that for this kind of group dynamic exercise in America the term “Trust Walk” is more common. Since I use the … Continue reading Sandra Manther: Trust Walk

Marc Manther: Isabell’s Casting

This time it took a little longer until a new story of mine appeared. The reason: I was working on the conception of my first book series. Therefore I intensively dealt with the genre ENF (Embarrassed nude female). If you read this blog regularly, you know the first results of my reflections on the genre. … Continue reading Marc Manther: Isabell’s Casting