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Geboren 1976 in Bredstedt, Nordfriesland. Studium der Informatik an der CAU in Kiel. Arbeitet heute in der Softwareentwicklung. Lebt mit seiner Frau Sandra und den Katzen Mandu und Tharsis in einem Haus im Westen der Stadt.


One word that rarely comes up these days is “reluctance.” I stumbled across it by accident the other day and thought it would fit the “ENF” genre quite nicely. Things happen “reluctantly“, that is, against the protagonist’s will. She has to deal with that emotionally. Synonyms In Stefan Zweig’s novella “Die Mondscheingasse,” there is another … Continue reading Reluctance


We talked elsewhere about the fact that Sandra and I have a few subgenres or niches that we particularly like to serve. These include ENF: Embarrassed Nude Female. “Nude Female” – “Naked Woman” goes without saying. Embarrassed includes the whole range of “being ashamed, humiliated, mortified, abashed, disgraced” – that state of mind that is … Continue reading ENF – EMBARRASSED NUDE FEMALE

The conservative backlash

Facebook repeatedly rejects advertisements for our books. Amazon complains about book covers that have been waved through so far and punishes them with the Adult-filter.  Tumblr has meanwhile marked almost all posts on Sandra’s NSFW blog, with which she drew attention to the problem of hazing, as inappropriate and has been cleaning up a lot … Continue reading The conservative backlash

Manther – an interim report

For two years now, Sandra and I have been writing and publishing erotic texts. During this time we have experimented a little bit to see what we like best. Two things have come to our attention: We both like explicit descriptions. Contrary to what is usual on the German market today, we don’t avoid the … Continue reading Manther – an interim report

Marc Manther: Isabell’s Casting

This time it took a little longer until a new story of mine appeared. The reason: I was working on the conception of my first book series. Therefore I intensively dealt with the genre ENF (Embarrassed nude female). If you read this blog regularly, you know the first results of my reflections on the genre. … Continue reading Marc Manther: Isabell’s Casting