Trust Walk

The second volume of the Gamma-Xi-Delta series is now finished: Blind Walk (at least in German edition it is called so. I found out that for this kind of group dynamic exercise in America the term “Trust Walk” is more common. Accordingly, the English edition will be called “Trust Walk”.) For those who don’t know … Continue reading Trust Walk

The smell of the vagina

How do we describe the smell of the vagina? As writers, we often have trouble with smells. But if we succeed, our readers are right in the middle of the scene. Because each of us immediately associates smells with our own experiences. Consciously or unconsciously: the mental cinema kicks in. That’s why it’s worth getting … Continue reading The smell of the vagina

Barefoot through Hamburg-Harvestehude

Imagine taking a walk through Harvestehude. Your eyes are blindfolded. One of your sisters is guiding you. Under your bare feet you feel the cobblestones of the street and the grass of the parks, the sandy paths and the fallen leaves of the trees. Occasionally you will come across a puddle that bears witness to … Continue reading Barefoot through Hamburg-Harvestehude

Virgin valley – The Gamma Xi Delta Hamburg-Chapter

In Hamburg-Harvestehude a sorority, a so-called Greek letter society of young female students, founded their first chapter in Germany. The students do not only stand out on campus because of their unusual dress code. They are based in Jungfrauenthal. In valle virginum – “Jungfrauenthal” is what the Cistercian nuns called their monastery in Harvestehude. Even … Continue reading Virgin valley – The Gamma Xi Delta Hamburg-Chapter

Manther – an interim report

For two years now, Sandra and I have been writing and publishing erotic texts. During this time we have experimented a little bit to see what we like best. Two things have come to our attention: We both like explicit descriptions. Contrary to what is usual on the German market today, we don’t avoid the … Continue reading Manther – an interim report

EATS – Erotic Actress Talent Search

Wanted: Young women between 18 and 25 years who want to develop into erotic actresses through a coaching program accompanied by television. Besides a four-person jury, the spectators also have the opportunity to decisively influence the decision-making process through their voting. In addition to the leading role in the new film by director-shooting star Damian … Continue reading EATS – Erotic Actress Talent Search


Elle Kennedy certainly belongs to the Queens of New Adult today. In 2005, the Canadian-born author completed her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at York University. Although her age is not recorded anywhere, she is probably in her mid-30s today. In the same year, 2005, she won two prizes for her short story “Dance … Continue reading ELLE KENNEDY – THE SCORE [REVIEW]

New Adult – Die wichtigsten Bücher 2016

Wie schon bei der Liste der wichtigsten New Adult-Bücher von 2015 beziehe ich mich auch diesmal beim Erscheinungsdatum auf die englischsprachigen Originalausgaben. Da diese Bücher erst einmal einen deutschen Verleger finden und übersetzt werden müssen, enthält diese Liste also jene Titel, die relativ frisch auf dem deutschen Buchmarkt sind oder deren Erscheinen noch bevorsteht. Inzwischen … Continue reading New Adult – Die wichtigsten Bücher 2016

Emma Watson und das Recht auf Weiblichkeit

Da zeigt sich eine bekennende Femistin auf der Titelseite einer Hochglanz-Zeitschrift leicht bekleidet, mit einem grobmaschigen Burberry-Bolero über den Schultern, darunter offensichtlich nackt. Ihre Brüste sind halb zu sehen.  Das ehemalige Teenie-Idol Emma Watson lässt sich für die März-Ausgabe der Vanity Fair als viktorianische Rebellin inszenieren ( Und die Internet-Community läuft Sturm. Die Debatte und … Continue reading Emma Watson und das Recht auf Weiblichkeit

Jamie McGuire: Beautiful Burn – Rezension

Jamie McGuite ist ein typischer New-Adult-Shootingstar. Im Mai 2011 veröffentlichte sie im Selbstverlag den Roman, „Beautiful Disaster“. Schnell galt das Buch als New-Adult-Sensation, wurde ein Jahr später von Atria Books ins Programm übernommen und fand schließlich seinen Weg auf die Bestseller-Liste der New York Times. Da blieb das Buch 17 Wochen lang. Warner Brothers sicherte … Continue reading Jamie McGuire: Beautiful Burn – Rezension

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