Body-Con affirmations

Affirmations are short fragments of thought, easy to remember and enormously helpful in seeing yourself in a new light. We can superimpose negative emotions with them. Some use them as a kind of mantra in meditation, for example in autogenic training.

Let them work on you, see what they do to your mood and reflect on them your own view – for often they make something vibrate within you. And the healing process begins.

On this page I have put together a first set of affirmations on the subject of Body-Confidence. Because Body-Con – a positive relationship to one’s own body – is becoming more and more difficult in a time which is characterized by influencers with ideal bodies. By people who can’t eat much except salad and spend hours in the gym.

Not to mention the fact that our body has grown with a certain structure. And no gym in the world can help it if we don’t like our nose or our feet, if our breasts are not symmetrical or our bone structure is too wide.

But we can learn to be at peace with ourselves. We can stop constantly comparing ourselves or even being ashamed of ourselves.

So take a look at the affirmations below, pin them on your pinboard or your timeline, or write them on your bathroom mirror with lipstick. Memorize them or meditate on them – depending on what works best for you.

Love your body - and love yourself.
You are perfect and complete just the way you are.
You know the answers and solutions. Listen to yourself and trust your inner judgement.
Your body is a vessel for your awesomeness.
Eat a variety of foods for your health, wellness and enjoyment.
There is more to life than worrying about your weight. Be ready to experience it.
You deserve to be treated with love and respect.
Even if you don't see how amazing you are, there is someone who does. You are loved and admired.
You look exactly the way you're supposed to. That's the way God made you.
It's not about working on yourself; it's about being okay with who you already are.
My body is a gift. I treat it with love and respect.
A goal weight is an arbitrary number; how I feel is what's important.
Trust the wisdom of your body.
Use your energy to pay attention to yourself, your inner wisdom, your virtues, your path, and your journey.
Your needs are just as important as anyone else's.
When you look to others to dictate who you should be or how you should look, you reject who you are.
Accepting yourself as you are right now is the first step in growing and evolving.
All magazine photos are airbrushed, photoshopped and distorted.
Enjoy feeling good. You deserve to feel good.
Your opinion of yourself is the only one that counts.
No one has the power to make you feel bad about yourself without your permission.

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