New Body-con picture quotes

Body confidence is likely to remain an issue for the foreseeable future. Hardly anyone is really happy with their appearance. Some things can be controlled by visiting the gym regularly, others are simply innate. But as long as others judge us by our looks, we all too easily succumb to the temptation of disdain for our own supposed flaws.

It is therefore even more important to have positive role models that put our thinking back into perspective. Here is a new set with picture quotes from the Gamma Xi Delta series. Feel free to share them in the social media. Maybe they will help some of you to free yourself a little bit from the expectations of the beauty dictatorship.

I am stuck in my body till I die. Why should I be mean to myself?
My worth isn't defined by my weight. I am who I am.
My body belongs to me the way it is - with all its flaws.
Why should the opinion of others about my body be more important to me than my own?
The problem isn't my body. It's what I think of it. And what I think of myself.
I love my body because it's the house of my inner goddes, isn't it?
I need my body to be there first and foremost for me, not for others.
My body is a gift and I love everything I can do with it.
I am in harmony with my body. It tells me what it needs and mostly I listen to it.

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