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Emotions – a glossary

According to his research, Paul Ekman, a U.S. anthropologist and psychologist, identified seven basic emotions that occur across cultures: Joy, surprise, fear, anger, disgust, sadness, and contempt. He believes that all other emotions are composed of these basic emotions. Now, studies at the University of California, Berkeley, have drawn a more nuanced picture of basic … Continue reading Emotions – a glossary

Augen und Emotionen

Ich hatte neulich im Zusammenhang mit NLP ja bereits über einige Dinge geschrieben, die mit der Blickrichtung und der Größe der Pupillen zusammenhängen. Aber da ich in der letzten Zeit immer wieder auf Beschreibungen der Augen gestoßen bin, deren einziges Ziel es war, die Emotionen der Protagonisten herauszustellen, will ich hier noch mal ein wenig … Continue reading Augen und Emotionen


What is the difference between eroticism and pornography? I think of Reiner Kunze. In his book “The lovely years,” he tells of the uproar that the film “The Legend of Paul and Paula” caused in his town at the time. The film was accused of being pornography. Yet naked skin was actually nothing special in … Continue reading THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN EROTICISM AND PORNOGRAPHY

The function of physical details: Imogen’s liver spot

For days now, I can’t get a liver spot out of my mind. Now it is not so that I would not have already seen many liver spots, quite also at piquant places. In this respect, I am a bit surprised that this image has haunted me since I first read about it. But there … Continue reading The function of physical details: Imogen’s liver spot