“Haze Her” as a Subgenre of Sorority Exploitation

“Haze Her” is a film series made between 2011 and 2013 that depicts the initiation rituals of American sorority girls in three seasons with a total of 57 episodes. The duration of the episodes is usually about half an hour, although some are slightly shorter and some are significantly longer.

In most “Haze Her” episodes, the Pledges are first asked to undress. This is often followed by a closer inspection of their bodies or various tasks that they have to complete while naked. Finally, the aspirants are asked to perform explicit sexual acts on their new sisters.

The series pretends to be a documentary. In individual “Haze Her” episodes, it is indicated that the sororities film their hazing rituals in order to receive prize money from the production of the series. The names of the Sororities are basically censored with a bleep, which gives the episodes an additional semi-documentary feel. Also, the surprise and shame of the young pledges seem authentic, which is rather unusual in the pornography business. Although some of the young women later appear in other erotic series, “Haze Her” is the first outing in the genre for most of the actors known by name.

Undressing and being inspected in front of their future sorority sisters is portrayed as a common part of the initiation process, which is also not questioned by the participants. However, an enormous amount of pressure is also built up by shouting loudly and making fun of them. The aspirants have only the choice to bow to the pressure or to leave the sorority immediately.

That the question of whether the episodes are authentic arises at all is due to the sororities’ common practice of forbidding their new members to talk publicly about the initiation process. While it is repeatedly emphasized in public discussion that hazing is now banned at universities, stories of clearly sexualized rites make the rounds just as regularly.

This is because similar practices of hazing have been known for decades in American colleges and universities, but until now they have never been shown so explicitly in a film. The series, however, has set new standards by presenting more explicit footage, blurring the lines between pornography and entertainment. Critics have argued that the series goes way over the line and normalizes pornography as an entertainment genre. The series would perpetuate “negative stereotypes”

Despite the criticism, however, “Haze Her” still has an enormous fan base that is passionate about the series. Some argue that the series actually conveys a feminist message and shows positive representations of female sexuality, especially since the vast majority of episodes do not feature male actors. Others see the series as more degrading and portraying women as sexual objects.

It is also worth noting that “Haze Her” is not the only series of its kind. There are quite a few films that focus on hazing in American colleges and universities that involve similar sexual activity. Some experts have argued that this type of film is an ongoing theme within pornography and that it is unlikely that this trend will change in the near future.

Overall, the “Haze Her” series has sparked controversy and it is clear that the topic of hazing in American universities and colleges will be an ongoing theme in pornography. Although some argue that the series conveys positive portrayals of female sexuality, the question of whether “Haze Her” is degrading or feminist remains open every time. What is certain, however, is that the film series has sparked a debate about the portrayal of women in the entertainment industry and that it is unlikely that this trend will die out soon.

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