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New Adult as a genre is still new and in development. The protagonists are mostly between 18 and 25 years old. Topics are the first steps into self-employment, the discovery of one’s own sexuality and the way into professional life. The genre has attracted attention above all through a number of female authors who have achieved bestseller status with novels published as e-books on the net – such as E. L. James, whose “50 Shades of Grey” is considered the initial spark of the New Adult.

New Adult – the literary genre that has redefined eroticism

Do you love romance books with a touch of eroticism? Then the literary genre “New Adult” is just right for you. This genre deals with issues that affect young adults in the transitional phase from adolescence to adulthood. The genre presents a combination of romance novels and erotica that will get readers’ adrenaline pumping. In … Continue reading New Adult – the literary genre that has redefined eroticism

Sandra Manther: Trust Walk

While in the German edition The second volume of the Gamma-Xi-Delta series was called “Blind Walk“, I have chosen the somewhat more precise term “Trust Walk” for the English version. Because I found out that for this kind of group dynamic exercise in America the term “Trust Walk” is more common. Since I use the … Continue reading Sandra Manther: Trust Walk

Barefoot through Hamburg-Harvestehude

Imagine taking a walk through Harvestehude. Your eyes are blindfolded. One of your sisters is guiding you. Under your bare feet you feel the cobblestones of the street and the grass of the parks, the sandy paths and the fallen leaves of the trees. Occasionally you will come across a puddle that bears witness to … Continue reading Barefoot through Hamburg-Harvestehude

Virgin valley – The Gamma Xi Delta Hamburg-Chapter

In Hamburg-Harvestehude a sorority, a so-called Greek letter society of young female students, founded their first chapter in Germany. The students do not only stand out on campus because of their unusual dress code. They are based in Jungfrauenthal. In valle virginum – “Jungfrauenthal” is what the Cistercian nuns called their monastery in Harvestehude. Even … Continue reading Virgin valley – The Gamma Xi Delta Hamburg-Chapter

Marc Manther: Isabell’s Casting

This time it took a little longer until a new story of mine appeared. The reason: I was working on the conception of my first book series. Therefore I intensively dealt with the genre ENF (Embarrassed nude female). If you read this blog regularly, you know the first results of my reflections on the genre. … Continue reading Marc Manther: Isabell’s Casting

New Adult – Die wichtigsten Bücher 2016

Wie schon bei der Liste der wichtigsten New Adult-Bücher von 2015 beziehe ich mich auch diesmal beim Erscheinungsdatum auf die englischsprachigen Originalausgaben. Da diese Bücher erst einmal einen deutschen Verleger finden und übersetzt werden müssen, enthält diese Liste also jene Titel, die relativ frisch auf dem deutschen Buchmarkt sind oder deren Erscheinen noch bevorsteht. Inzwischen … Continue reading New Adult – Die wichtigsten Bücher 2016