The Top 5 Tips for New Adult Erotic Writers

New Adult is a relatively new genre that has quickly gained popularity in recent years. This genre explicitly targets readers transitioning from young adult novels to books with a more mature tone. Due to its popularity, New Adult has become a favorite among authors, especially those who prefer writing erotic stories. This blog post will provide the top five tips for authors who wish to write in the New Adult genre.

Know your audience

The New Adult genre is more than just sex scenes. It’s a genre that focuses on the emotional turmoil of young adulthood. As an author, you must understand the psyche of your audience. You must know what they’re going through or have gone through in their early twenties. In other words, you must understand what they want to read.

Make it realistic

New Adult novels often deal with heartbreak, betrayal, and self-discovery. However, despite the genre being mainly fictional, readers still expect a sense of realism and authenticity. Therefore, when writing a New Adult novel, you must make sure that your plot doesn’t stray too far from reality. Ensuring that your characters’ emotions and reactions are genuine and believable is essential.

Create compelling characters

In the New Adult genre, readers associate with characters with whom they can relate. As an author, you need to create likable and engaging protagonists that your readers can root for. Moreover, your characters must have flaws and imperfections, making them more authentic and relatable. It’s essential to steer clear of the predictable, one-dimensional caricatures that readers will quickly forget.

Balance the action

While New Adult novels primarily focus on emotions and character development, there still needs to be enough action to keep the story moving forward. Finding a balance between the character-driven narrative and the plot is essential. Too little action and your readers will lose interest; too much action and your readers will feel disconnected from the character’s emotional journey.

Write from the heart

Finally, when writing in the New Adult genre, it’s crucial to write from the heart. Don’t attempt to write what you think will sell or what the market dictates. Instead, write what speaks to you as an author. Pour your heart and soul into your writing; the result will be a novel that resonates with your readers.

Writing in the New Adult genre can be both challenging and rewarding. The key to success is to know your audience, be authentic, create compelling characters, balance the action, and write from the heart. Follow these tips, and you’re sure to write a New Adult novel that your readers will love. Happy Writing!

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