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We analyse texts from the fields of fiction and non-fiction and think about how high-quality eroticism can look today. We have no patent remedies, but put our thoughts and convictions on erotic literature on paper.
We regard the texts presented here as “work in progress”, which are constantly being expanded and updated as soon as we find new, exciting examples or topics. Ideally, over time this will create a pool of ideas for erotic literature for all those who write themselves.


We talked elsewhere about the fact that Sandra and I have a few subgenres or niches that we particularly like to serve. These include ENF: Embarrassed Nude Female. “Nude Female” – “Naked Woman” goes without saying. Embarrassed includes the whole range of “being ashamed, humiliated, mortified, abashed, disgraced” – that state of mind that is … Continue reading ENF – EMBARRASSED NUDE FEMALE

Barefoot through Hamburg-Harvestehude

Imagine taking a walk through Harvestehude. Your eyes are blindfolded. One of your sisters is guiding you. Under your bare feet you feel the cobblestones of the street and the grass of the parks, the sandy paths and the fallen leaves of the trees. Occasionally you will come across a puddle that bears witness to … Continue reading Barefoot through Hamburg-Harvestehude