The Rise of Revenge Porn and what we can do against it

In a world where pornography is becoming more socially acceptable, the issue of revenge porn has spilled over into the mainstream, raising concerns about our collective safety and sanity. Revenge porn, the non-consensual sharing of explicit images and videos, is a phenomenon that has increased with the advent of websites like Pornhub, where anyone can upload their movies for an audience of millions. As erotica writers, we have the opportunity to address this problem knowledgeably and effectively. In this article, I take a look at the topic of revenge porn and give tips on how those affected and authors can take action against it.

What can you do if you become a victim of revenge porn?

One of the first things you can do is gather evidence. If you have been a victim of revenge porn, keep a record of what happened. Take screenshots and document everything. This can be very helpful at a later stage.

Second, file a report with the police. In many countries revenge porn is illegal and the authorities can help you deal with the situation. It is important to remember that you are not alone and that there is help and support available.

Third, don’t get involved with the abuser or perpetrator. It is understandable that you are angry or hurt, but it is often best to avoid contact and leave the situation to the authorities.

Finally, you can turn to organizations that specialize in revenge porn. They often offer free expert help and can guide you through the process.

However, it can be difficult to prevent revenge porn because it is often based on a breach of trust. Being aware of the risk and knowing your rights are important first steps. Remember that your privacy is precious and no one has the right to share it without your consent.

What can you do as an erotica author to manage the problem?

As erotica writers, our work contributes to a broader discussion about sexuality and pornographic content. To combat revenge porn, we can start by writing stories that promote consensual sex and healthy relationships. We can also use our writing to educate our readers about the dangers of non-consensual pornography. By having our protagonists live through this problem themselves, which has become increasingly relevant in recent years, we can point them, almost playfully and without being didactic, to resources that victims can use to take action to remove their images or videos from websites.

It is also important that we, as authors, acknowledge and address the power dynamics in sexual relationships. Consent is not a one-time agreement, but an ongoing discussion that requires constant communication and respect for boundaries. We can also address issues of self-determination and agency in our writing, showing how people can maintain control over their sexuality and privacy in the face of revenge porn and other forms of electronic harassment.

Another approach is to advocate for policy changes that better protect victims of revenge porn. While some states have passed laws criminalizing the sharing of non-consensual sexual images, much remains to be done to hold websites and technology companies accountable for making these images available. We can use our voices to advocate for changes that balance the right to free expression with the need to protect people from harm.

As erotica writers, we have the power to influence the discourse about sex and pornography. By addressing the issue of revenge porn through our writing and activism, we can help create a safer and more empowering environment for all. Let’s use our creativity and influence to advocate against the harmful effects of non-consensual pornography and promote healthy, fulfilling sexual relationships.

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