Body Image and the Conservative Right

The conservative right, Christian fundamentalists, and pro-lifers often have a strict moral understanding of sexuality and hold conservative attitudes toward sexuality and reproductive rights. These attitudes can affect our view of sexuality in several ways:

Stigmatization of abortion

Abortion opponents often argue that abortion is immoral and violates the right to life. This can lead to stigmatization and shame for women considering abortion.

Restrictions on sexual education

Some conservative groups advocate for restrictions on sexual education in schools, favoring an approach that focuses on abstinence. This can lead to young people being inadequately educated about their sexuality and later facing problems such as unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

Restricting LGBT rights

Conservative right-wingers and Christian fundamentalists often have a hostile attitude toward the LGBT community and advocate for restrictions on their rights. This can lead to LGBT people feeling discriminated against and marginalized, and unable to freely express their sexuality.

Emphasis on traditional gender roles

Conservative groups often emphasize the importance of traditional gender roles and reject progressive approaches that support gender fluidity or other forms of gender identity. This can lead to discrimination and stigma against people who do not identify with traditional gender roles.

The ideas of the conservative right, Christian fundamentalists, and anti-abortionists have a major impact on society. They influence the laws and regulations that govern sexuality, as well as public opinion about it. People who follow these beliefs can often be prejudiced against people who express or live out their sexuality differently.

Consequences for us authors

All of this has consequences for writers of erotic literature. We need to be aware of how our work is affected by these controversial beliefs. In many cases, we can act as taboo breakers or trailblazers for cultural change. It is important to be aware of conservative beliefs and biases in order to contextualize our work and develop a deep understanding of our readership.

By being aware of how these beliefs affect our work, we can make informed decisions and educate our readership. Ultimately, it is important that we all develop a deep understanding and respect for sexual diversity and freedom in our society.

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