Just as the entire show is subject to a strict dramaturgy that culminates each week in the Eliminationwalk, the individual tests are also subject to the classic division into introduction, execution and conclusion. I’ll take a closer look at this for the nude shoot.

The first whose shoot is shown is Romina. The sequence begins, as it could not be more consequential for the introduction to a shoot, with makeup. Romina’s face is shown in close-up, as she just once again powders her cheeks, forehead and nose. Over this is superimposed the audio of an interview with her, in which she explains her plan for the shoot: “I’m taking this week to be loose, to approach everything a little cooler, to put all the pressure and insecurity completely aside.”

And to expand on this theme, we cut to a conversation Romina had with Dasha. In it, Dasha explains, “Most of the time I think to myself, okay, either it works or it just doesn’t.” Romina smiles knowingly as Dascha continues, “If you put pressure on yourself, then you don’t have time. You’ll be so stuck.” Romina nods affirmatively, as if she understood the oracle, but is a little surprised when Dasha then rushes up to her and hugs her warmly. She turns her face away to keep her paint from smudging but laughs again immediately after.

And once again she explains, “I approach the matter by trying to stay cool because otherwise, I couldn’t do it at all. Otherwise, I’m right back to be so excited and not with myself.” That should set the topic. Three statements in a row on the subject of pressure – that at least builds up a certain level of expectation.

She enters the setting for the shoot in a bathrobe but wears white high heels with it, her toes painted as red as her mouth and fingernails. At first, she stumbles a little haphazardly through the hall, until she finally discovers Heidi Klum and photographer Markus Janz and greets them.

Here, Janz is first introduced. The scene in which he presents himself seems like a digression. Obviously, he is talking to the camera and not to Romina. He talks about the 15 years he spent working in Paris and New York. In the process, photos of him are faded in, but without mentioning individual names of those depicted. Instead, he explains, “What’s important to me today is that they individually bring out their character, that they just offer different things from a posing standpoint, and that it makes for an aesthetic image.”

Heidi Klum comments on what she sees. Why she does this is not really clear, because the viewers see it anyway: “Romina styled herself. I see more beautiful, red lipstick, beautifully emphasized eyes, rather wispy hair. And, of course, nothing underneath. And – red nails.” – “Matching the red look,” Romina explains.

Markus Janz briefly shows Romina the set, which consists of an old cable drum, a discarded refrigerator, an old black sofa, an overturned trash can and pointedly decorated Euro pallets. Three different poses, taken at different angles of the set, are later to be combined into a single photograph.

Once again, a quote from Heidi Klum: “In our shoot today, I expect the models to blow me away with their creativity and changeability. That’s why we’re not just shooting one motif or two, but a total of three different motifs. As in numerous well-known campaigns, the three shots are then combined into one image as a photomontage. But watch out: My models have only 90 seconds to inspire the photographer and me with their three most beautiful poses.”

Cut to Romina’s instruction. “Make sure you really have everything covered and that you look nice, that your hair is laying great, that the pose is great. We don’t want it to be too sexy either. We don’t want it to look vulgar. It should be artful photos, of course – so don’t get too hunched over, don’t get your butt too out, so not too meow – not too hard. Cool and casual, modern, like you have clothes on, too.” Romina nods to all that. Sounds reasonable.

“We do two rounds,” Markus Janz explains. “We start with the first round, and then there’s a critique from us. And then we look at how you could do the second round better. But maybe it already works out in the first one, who knows.”

And Romina gets going. She chose the refrigerator first, covering her chest with one arm, but otherwise not stingy with her curves. Heidi Klum contorts her face: “Okay, now that’s very hot.”

Quickly Romina runs to her next subset. The fact that her breasts swing freely in the process doesn’t seem to bother her. The editing team will surely blur the corresponding body parts before the broadcast. Nevertheless, Heidi Klum feels compelled to intervene admonishingly: “Romina, not so fast. Cover yourself rather nicely, be a little more thoughtful with your poses.”

But then the ” more thoughtful ” remains largely unheard, because Romina hurries from one location to the next, briefly takes a pose, only to jump up again right after. Later she will explain this with the time pressure she was under. After all, she only had ninety seconds for the complete set.

While Romina lolls on the cable drum, Markus Janz also feels he has to intervene a little: “Okay, try to be a little cooler and not so lascivious.”

But then her minute and a half are over. Heidi Klum finds a few helpful words, “Take a little more time. Bring a little calm into it. Do your poses like you have clothes on. Because it’s very … meow, meow.” She hisses and moves her hands like a kitten from the musical Cats. Romina smirks.

“When you’re naked,” Romina explains to the camera, “it just makes me feel extremely sexy. I like my body. I love my body. And I think I’ve drifted a little too much there. But now I try to be cooler.”

She offers more backs on the second go-round. Her facial expression is serene. And Heidi Klum confirms, “Yes, this round is already much cooler.” – “Much better,” says Markus Janz as well. Once again Heidi: “She understood that immediately and also implemented it well right away.”

In addition to her back, she now offers her profile, with her butt leaning against the cable drum, her chest protected by her hand. “The profile wasn’t bad either,” comments Markus Janz.

As she tries to sit on the back of the old sofa, she slips a bit and can only catch herself with difficulty. The film camera mercilessly keeps on it, while Romina’s arms fly to the side. Of course, the TV viewer only gets to see this blurred, the breasts artificially blurred with a filter. But I wonder with such scenes already, what happens with the original tapes and to which prices to are traded.

Romina immediately uses her slip to come up with a new pose while lying on the sofa, which Markus Janz acknowledges with a “very good”. And Heidi Klum also confirms, while Romina is already curled up against the Euro pallets, so as not to show too much skin: “Well, you can think of very many beautiful poses, Romina.”

But that was also the end of the second ninety seconds.”Well, I have to say, super implemented,” Heidi Klum sums up the shoot. You really got it.” And Romina confirms, “That felt much better.”

And turning to Markus Janz, Heidi explains, “Romina hasn’t gotten a job yet. But I hope that will change soon.” – “I think so, too,” Romina counters. “I’m not giving up, I’m moving on! Like now.”

With heartfelt “thank you’s” in all directions, Romina says goodbye. The bathrobe is brought to her, she slips into it and at the same moment runs away from the location, towards her waiting colleagues.

In the meantime, Heidi talks a little with Markus Lanz, the photographer: “Well, I think Romina has already submitted really well. And it is also already not so lascivious and so sexy, as she did in the first round. I think now she has once again got the curve well.”

In the backstage area, Romina then tells the others about the specific task and also emphasizes once again how well Heidi Klum would have liked the results. And she once again picks up on the theme that introduced and permeated this entire sequence: “In the beginning, I just tried to be very sexy, to play to the gallery, lay there. And Heidi said, okay, that’s very sexy now, make it a little cooler. And at the end, she said: Boah, great done, totally cool, mutch better. So thaw out, be cool. I was really relaxed. I’m not excited at all, not at all. I’m still just really in the mood. I had fun.”

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