Because we were just on the subject, I wanted to know from Stina if she had a color palette with the names of the shades for the different hair colors. And she was able to help me with that, too.

She herself, unfortunately, didn’t have a map to give me but referred me to a helpful website: refers to their color-set of hair extensions. I reproduce this color list here because it gives a good first impression.

I refer explicitly to the homepage because I am sure that not everyone can imagine what shade is, for example, “summer truffle”. On their homepage, you will find the corresponding photos.

The miapia-list of hair extension colors

  • Ebony
  • Midnight Brown
  • Chestnut
  • Choco Jambo
  • Summer Truffle
  • Toffee
  • Cashew
  • Savanna
  • White Cocoa
  • Buttercup Honey
  • Sunkissed Ivory
  • Coconut Dream
  • Lemon Sorbet
  • Plum
  • Coco
  • Dragonfruit
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Sugar Melon
  • Apple Green
  • Mandarine
  • Lemon

Below you will find the more conservative names for the individual hair tones.

Hair colors: Natural tones

Here are the natural tones from light to dark:

  • light blond
  • light blond
  • light blond
  • medium blond
  • dark blond
  • light brown
  • medium brown
  • dark brown
  • black

Hair colors: Ash

The natural hair color is formed by melanocytes, which take care of the pigmentation of the hair. When the amount of yellowish-red pigment becomes too low, the hair loses its luminosity. This color direction is called ash and comes in the following varieties:

  • light ash blond
  • light ash blond
  • light ash blond
  • medium ash blond
  • dark ash blond
  • light ash brown

In tints labeled “ash”, there is a slight blue color component to cover orange tones in the hair.

Hair colors: Matte

Matte shades are used by hairdressers when it is necessary to cover red tones. That is, when the melanocytes produce too much of the yellowish red pigments. There is always some green in such tints. They come in the shades:

  • light matte blond
  • light matte blond
  • medium matte blond
  • dark matte blond

Hair colors: Gold

Accordingly, hair with a high proportion of yellowish-red pigments is either golden or red-golden. If the hair is to be pushed in that direction, the hairdresser helps with a color shade that contains a trace of yellow. Here the colors finally get sounding names:

  • golden blond
  • cognac
  • hazelnut blond
  • mocca
  • golden brown

Hair colors: red gold

When the red pigment content is even higher than the yellowish one, it is called red gold. The hairdresser can help nature a little with tints that contain orange. The common names for this are:

  • copper gold
  • titian red
  • mahogany copper
  • light chestnut brown
  • medium chestnut brown

Hair colors: purple

Now it’s getting really red, even in the tints. The standard names from light to dark are here:

  • light rosewood
  • dark rose wood
  • purple brown
  • light mahogany


Just for the sake of completeness, let’s mention tints, which are mainly used for medium and dark blond hair:

Hair colors: violet

  • malaga
  • samos

Hair colors: brown

  • Brown
  • fawnchocolate brown

Hair colors: Pearl Cendre

“Cendre” comes from the French and means “ash”. Within the standard color palette, it appears in two variations. Dark blond hair can be colored with

  • dark cendre (in the direction of black)
  • blue-black (a name that speaks for itself)

Hair colors in literature

Now I openly admit: I was a bit annoyed by this list. I read a lot, but have never come across the sentence, “Her light ash blonde hair fluttered in the wind.”

Probably in this context it makes much more sense to try to make comparisons, which, incidentally, have the great advantage of evoking associations in the reader:

Her hair was the color of bright, newly cast copper and fashionably combed.

Rosemary Rogers: The Invincible – Prisoner of Lust

Her hair was the color of spun gold, offset with flowing strands of amber; her eyes were as green as emeralds.

Don Winslow: Satori

Her hair was the color of sun-bleached straw.

David Baldacci: The Promise

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