At the beginning of the 1970s, Erica Jong suddenly became famous when she launched her novel “Fear of Flying,” which had autobiographical overtones. The book is now considered a classic of erotic literature, has been translated into 27 languages and sold over 18 million copies.

I like the book because it has a decidedly female view of sexuality. We’ve put up with a male view of gender play in mass-produced porn for far too long. We have mocked, at times complained, but had little more to counter it with than a meek reference to Anaïs Nin. And to Pauline Réage, who, however, had relatively little interest in pointing out partnership relationship patterns.

Erica Jong, then, captivated me from the start with her honesty free of shame boundaries. At one point she wrote that she could understand if men did not like cunnilingus. She herself doesn’t like the taste of pussy either and thinks it’s a marketing stunt when Erotica claims that the juice is honey-sweet and delicious.

I myself can not get anything from the taste of my genital secretions. Slimy, a little spicy, a little salty. A bit like oysters, perhaps. However, I have not yet done any extended series of tests. Nutritional habits are said to influence taste. It is precisely odor-intensive foods – such as pineapple, cinnamon or garlic – that are supposed to be found in the secretion. In other words, the taste is not always the same.

During my research on the topic, I came across a pretty good article on the website There she says about this topic:

Strong meat-eaters generally smell stronger. Certain foods can also be smelled in their secretions: fish (especially crustaceans), garlic, onions, spices, and asparagus, among others. Nicotine and alcohol make them bitter, heavy sugar consumption more acidic, dehydration (for example, if one drinks too little) more concentrated and salty. Or depending on the menstrual cycle: around ovulation, when the vaginal mucus is more fluid, it can become sweeter, and fruitier.

And then there’s the matter of menses. Erica Jong tells in her book about a Hell’s Angels initiation ceremony:

The part of it where the rookie has to lick his girl out when she has her period while all his buddies watch.

Erica Jong: Fear of Flying

No idea if the anecdote is true, or just well made up. In any case, the fact is that the metallic taste of blood is not only noticeable during the period itself, but also leads to tasting changes in the run-up to the period and can still be perceived for a while after the bleeding.

The taste could become problematic if a woman’s pH balance is upset. Normally, bacteria ensure that the inner wall of the vagina remains healthy. Incidentally, these are the same bacteria that are active in natural yogurt. In this respect, the comparison with yogurt in terms of taste cannot be completely dismissed.

Even an exaggerated need for cleansing on the part of the woman can paradoxically lead to the vagina beginning to smell and taste unpleasant. Its ph-value is much too high and irritates the – normally wonderfully functioning – self-cleaning powers of the pussy. This prepares the ground for infections, which can smell very strong.

Going to the toilet can also have a negative impact on the taste. Remains of urine on the vulva also change the taste during cunnilingus. Not every man likes the remains of a golden shower.

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