The taste of skin

Your tongue glides over your beloved’s skin, plays with her lips, travels down her neck, up through the choke pit to the atria of her breast, plays with her nipples, feels its way over the rib arches, and sinks for a moment into the depths of her belly button. What do you taste? How do you describe the taste of skin?

Creative Writing: The Taste of Skin

The own taste of the skin is slightly salty. This is due to its function. Through the countless sweat glands, among other things, the body temperature is regulated. In addition, sweat contains pheromones that play an important role as signal substances during sex and reproduction. So under normal circumstances, the salty taste of the skin is ideal for sex.

The situation is different if the partner has recently smeared himself with substances foreign to the body. I already wrote in detail yesterday about the problem of the bitter taste of shower gels. However, skin lotions, suntan lotions, and even perfumes can be similarly flavor-altering. Since this is a blog for creative writing, such bitter taste experiences can always be used to burst an illusion bubble. The bitter experience after the great courtship. Or so.

Since erotic literature should always play with the reader’s expectations, there is the possibility of changing the taste of the skin by smearing it with aromatic substances foreign to the body. Meanwhile, whipped cream has degenerated into a cliché. Honey and Nutella, too, have meanwhile been smeared so often in stories that they no longer offer any real surprise effect. But fortunately, the refrigerator and the grocery shelf offer a rich selection. I would always advise young writers to make a list, cross off the first three  ideas (because too obvious), and then fall back on the fourth entry.

Another unorthodox method of varying the flavor of skin I found at a mail-order company for sex toys. Meanwhile exist massage oils with flavor, for example with vanilla, strawberry or banana. Thus, a deeply relaxing massage as a prelude to sex makes double sense. On the one hand, a massage can be used wonderfully to explore and stimulate the body regions of your partner in peace. And on the other hand, it makes you want to explore the skin with your mouth afterward.

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