A few days ago I was thinking about the question of how skin feels. In doing so, I realized that I’m not through with the sense of touch yet. In erotic literature, people are constantly touching each other, caressing each other, stroking each other’s skin, touching, feeling, grabbing and grabbing, caressing and grabbing each other. How does that feel? How do we feel at all? What synonyms do we have for the different kinds of touch, and how do they describe the act of touch?

So today, a word cloud around touching and feeling. In the definitions, I have only included those that are directly related to the topic. Some words have additional meanings, but I will not go into them here. The idea is to find exactly those words that trigger a figurative association – the one that is intended in the text in each case.

I took this list from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, especially since my own English is quite capable of improvement. If you are looking for the optimal word, the thesaurus is always a good option. Under “Words related to” you will usually find a number of terms that might help you.

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