Getting Steamy: Writing Prompts for Erotic Scenes

Writing is a beautiful art-form that provides an ideal opportunity for creative self-expression. Erotic writing, in particular, offers a means of exploring and expressing your sexual desires and fantasies. As an aspiring erotic writer, getting started can be a bit overwhelming. But one way to get your creative juices flowing is by using writing prompts for erotic scenes. Writing prompts allow writers to explore not only their imaginations but also their creative abilities in crafting intimate and compelling sex scenes. In this post, we share some tantalizing prompts that will ignite your passions and fuel your writing.

Stranger in the Night

Imagine having a steamy encounter with a complete stranger. This writing prompt invites you to write about your first-time sexual experience with someone who you have never met before. Describe the moment, the feelings, and every touch as though you were experiencing it for the first time. You need to capture every sensual detail from the way your bodies heat up to the scents in the air.


Roleplay is a writing prompt that allows you to experiment with fantasy and fetishes. Imagine that you and your partner are creating a scene where one of you plays the dominant role, and the other takes the submissive role. The scene can be anything you want it to be, from a teacher/student situation to a boss/employee exchange. Dress up in costume, and let your imagination run wild.

The Reunion

This writing prompt invites you to write about the first time you lay eyes on an old flame after a long time apart. Describe the anticipation, the rush of emotions, and the buildup to the first touch. Don’t leave out any detail, and play with the sexual tension between the characters. You can capture the nervousness and joy of the reunion and then gradually build up to the steamy reunion sex.

Naughty Neighbor

This is a writing prompt that plays with the taboo attraction between neighbors. Write about a chance encounter with a neighbor who you have secretly lusted after for years. Describe the forbidden actions and primal feelings that arise. Be creative and make sure to cover every steamy detail, like how you finally end up together and the ways that you satisfy each other.

Blackout Bliss

This writing prompt is set during a power outage. Imagine being stuck inside with someone with whom you share an intense sexual attraction. Describe how the electricity-free time allows the characters to admit their feelings for one another. Through a bit of cajoling, the characters become comfortable and passionate with one another in the absence of light. The resulting lovemaking session is one of real intensity and bliss.

Using writing prompts is an excellent way for aspiring writers to hone their craft and explore their creativity. The above prompts are standout options for any writer who wants to create an erotic story or scene. Whether you are writing for pleasure or seriously thought of making it professional, practicing via writing prompts can help you develop your voice and style, and build your confidence as a writer. Remember to trust your imagination and write with abandon!

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