Barefoot culture

In the sorority folder we got when we moved into the villa, there are three pages of justifications for barefoot running alone, divided into medical, aesthetic and spiritual arguments. Barefoot running is supposed to increase one’s energy level, provide for faster muscle regeneration, alleviate menstrual problems, and so on. We have to memorize it all. The binder is our bible. We newbies are quizzed frequently and with sadistic glee, and we are punished if we don’t know such things.

Sandra Manther: The Dare (working title)

Reasons to Go Barefoot

  1. Better Posture
  2. Less Stress on Joints
  3. Improve Balance
  4. Stronger Feet/Arches
  5. Reduce Inflamation
  6. Fix Foot Problems
  7. Increases Energy


Earthing Benefits

  1. Regulates heart rate and lowers blood pressure
  2. Stimulates deep, healthy sleep
  3. Eases Chronic Pain
  4. Increases Blood FLow and Thins the Blood
  5. Enables Faster Muscle Recovery
  6. Regulates Hormones and Eases the Symtpoms of Menstruation
  7. Regulates Stress Hormones and Fosters a Sense of Calm


Symbolic meaning

  1. In Ancient Sculpture Bare Feet were Considered a Symbol of the Gods.
  2. Symbol of Toughness and Constitutional Power.
  3. Symbol of Longing for Authentic Feeling
  4. Symbol of Liberation from Inner Constraints
  5. Symbol of Unadulterated Contact with the Ground
  6. Symbol of the Wild Woman

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