The erotic subgenre CMNF – Clothed male, naked female

The acronym “CMNF” stands for “Clothed Male, Naked Female” and refers to a niche genre that has now taken its place in erotic literature and film. CMNF stories describe sexual situations or practices involving one or more naked women with one or more clothed men.

The conflict necessary for each story here is the power imbalance between the active partners. The tension often arises from the involuntary nature of the situation. In most cases, the clothed man is dominant and hyper-aware of his position vis-à-vis the naked, defenseless woman.

Emotionally, CMNF stories usually revolve around the theme of shame. Either the woman is involuntarily caught in the situation and is ashamed of her physicality. Or – especially in the context of BDSM and fetish – she has entered the situation voluntarily, but has to give up her autonomy for a limited time frame and get involved in the situation.

Exhibitionism and voyeurism can also be brought into the field as buzzwords. It is not uncommon for women who initially disrobe involuntarily to discover their enjoyment of being the object of desire in the course of the action. Occasionally, this results in a reversal of power, with the naked woman producing herself in front of the clothed man, for example, by showing herself naked in front of him or even masturbating in front of him on the condition that the man is not allowed to touch her and is possibly even tied up.

In current CMNF literature, exhibitionism occupies a surprisingly large part, which is perhaps due to the fact that today many women have discovered the genre for themselves and write their stories from a new self-confident perspective of strength.

On a psychological level, CMNF offers the chance to explore power imbalances, social or sexual dynamics, and erotic tensions. The focus is often on the question of how a woman gets into the situation of suddenly being naked across from a man in the first place. How do both deal with the newly created situation?

Those who want to explore the genre for themselves have various options. There is a separate Internet blog that specializes in this topic: There you can find mainly short film snippets on the topic, though somewhat hidden also a respectable collection of short stories.

Another platform for CMNF stories is There erotic authors can post their stories. If you go to Advanced Search, you can also search for specific genres there. A little more time is needed here to find usable material. In the context of CMNF I recommend the Literotica genres “Exhibitionism and Voyeurism” and “Fetish”. ()

Meanwhile, those who have acquired a taste for CMNF will also find it on Amazon. Many authors already mention CMNF in the subtitle of their books, others at least keyword the genre, so that they are also displayed in a search. Here is the appropriate link:

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